Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flav's Fried Chicken - You Know You Want Some!

Flava Flav Serves It Up
However you will have to go to Clinton, Iowa to get your first taste of Flav's 99 cent wings. The Clinton Herald reported that with clock in tow, F-squared introduced his latest enterprise.

Hmm . . ." how'd he come up with this idea" you say? Maybe it went a bit like this: "Fiddy got Vitamin Water, Nelly got jeans - I gotta get something that will let the world get a taste of the real flava."

Yeah, I know. Most of those words were way too big for the underweight lover, but I'm sure it was something like that. The Herald's Scott Levine reports F-squared as saying ". . . I’m trying to start a franchise, so this is the beginning of it.” This all began when F-squared started hustling his wings at Mama Cimino's restaurant in Vegas. That's why his partner is Nick Cimino, who chose the site in Iowa and bought the building next to the Clinton Mama Cimino's. Heck, Ol' Mama considers the Clockster like a second, but scrawnie
r son -albeit fried to a dark crackly crunch. 

Hey, I'm not hating. I know good and well that as soon as I can reach an FFC I'll be the first one chomping down on my wing for a dolla' getting my own 'Flava of Love'. And if by some chance the Clockster brings FFC to D.C., those wings had better have Mumbo sauce (don't ask, I'll explain that D.C. thing later in another post) for the greater populace.

Now here's the real kicker - The Daily News reports that Flav has a culinary degree and restaurant experience. Back in his 'pre-Yeah Boyeeee' days he was just plain old William Drayton who cooked in the Long Island Nassau County Courthouse and actually fed somebody's children in the school system. Who da' thunk it?

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