Saturday, April 9, 2011

What? No Eau de Yardbird?

Lately bacon has been getting uber-attention. You can find it layered on just about any sandwich, as a toothpaste and ice cream flavoring, and now - as a cologne. That's right, you can entice the pups in your life with BACON!

If you are looking to put a bit of sizzle in your life, this might (not) be the thing. There's some story about a butcher on the purveyor Fargginay's website, but I just think it was created by an over zealous smoked pork fat fan. Heaven knows what the difference is between their 'Classic' and 'Gold' bacon fragrances is. "Scent by the gods" indeed.

I guess I'm just jealous. No one has come out with a 'Fresh Fried Chicken' eau de toilette.