Friday, May 8, 2009

El Pollo Loco Puts Up Its Dukes . . . And Nobody Cares

Not that I don't love crazy a$$ chicken with cilantro sauce (mmm mmm), but last April 28th was free chicken day at the old El Pollo and the media didn't care. They should have thrown that chicken leg at Oprah.

Instead, they have issued a challenge to KFC. A 'chicken off', if you will.

Their flame grilled chicken is good, but they just don't have the thousands of outlets that gets KFC on every table. I'm in Maryland right outside DC and there are no franchises here.

Meanwhile back at the coop, @Punchjump twitpic'ed "The hottest chick I've ever seen" - a "6 pc legs and thighs. The best food value in this economy." This was of course ReTweeted by @ElPolloLocoInc

El Pollo even honored the KFC-Oprah coupon on Mother's Day, since that's they only day KFC did not honor theirs; as per their Facebook page.

Ahhh chicken wars . . . ain't life grand?

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