Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Seems Crazy On An Ordinary Day . . .

Just seems to be chicken. Tastes like it for sure. 

But what is it really like to raise chickens - in the city? You heard correctly. The localvore, farm-to-table movement has come so close, it's practically in your backyard! More and more urbanites are choosing to confine a few yardbirds to their yard in attempts to get the ultimate in free range and hopefully organic eggs and poultry.

Paying $3.99 for a dozen organic eggs too pricey for you? Get a hen or two, give them names (makes it harder to envision them frying - my friend Pam's mother told a story about her pet chicken Spot - not a good ending), build a coop and you are on your way.

Well, maybe it is not as easy as all of that - there may be a bit more you need to know if you are attempting to be the farmer of your backyard dell. Never fear, the 'net is here. Kerrie Hubbard of (I kid you not) Happy Valley, Oregon has a great site that will give you the lowdown on raising your own poultry.  It's called "City Girl Farming - The Urban Guide to Raising Food in Small Spaces" and if you are contemplating several birds in your back bushes, then her City Chickens page is for you.
Where to get city chicken info

Her advice spans the reasons for even wanting to try this endeavor to cute coop building. She's even taking some hens out of the dog house (read her blog to check out the happy hens). It's a very complete DIY site for the beginning urban farmer, however I don't think this is the way for me to go for several, small reasons:

  1. Gohan likes chicken. Raw, fried, fricasseed, that dawg is not particular. Chases cats because "Woof! Tastes like chicken!"
  2. I once had a neighbor whose chickens dug up my perennial bulbs. His rooster kept me awake at night, and then when another neighbors' German Shepard was feeling peckish enough to chase the bird around the perimeter of my home into oblivion, he accused me of killing the bird. Really. That rooster was tough (I asked the dog).
  3. I'm lazy. Costco sells organic eggs, 'nuff said.
If you've been wondering what it might be like to have really fresh eggs daily and lots of cageless pets, then this might be for you. Call me when dinner is ready. 

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